[VOX14] PUZZLE - Last EP
€0.00 - €7.00

  • [VOX14] PUZZLE - Last EP

[VOX14] PUZZLE - Last EP
€0.00 - €7.00

[VOX14] PUZZLE - Last EP [2014

This is the last release of this amazing post-rock from Laval (FR).
We hope you'll like this amazing 20 min track !
We follow the band since their first EP "Nothing but the rain". We're very proud to have worked with this great band and would like to thanks everyone who supported them and us by buying their releases.

«Un morceau instrumental qui raconte une histoire dont les seules limites sont celles que je m’impose. C’est irréprochable !» NOISY TAPES

«Jamais les Lavallois n’avaient dégagé une telle impression d’unité et déployé un tel niveau de maîtrise.» TRANZISTOR

«PUZZLE tire sa révérence de bien belle manière» ABUS DANGEREUX

Track Listing

  1. Pièce VII

Pressing Information

VINYL : 12", Black + Direct Download

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